Top 25 natural ethnic cosmetic brands made in France

Top 25 natural ethnic cosmetic brands made in France

There was a time when, finding a specific product for our frizzy hair was synonymous with an obstacle course ... In 2011, the French consumer magazine LSA, emphasized the potential of the cosmetics market. Afro-Caribbean in the article Ethnic, the new El Dorado of beauty: "Black, Métis or of Mediterranean origin, these are consumers who have one thing in common: they make some big names in the world dream. beauté and arouse new vocations ”

8 years later, none of us have difficulty obtaining a product intended for frizzy hair… We are almost overwhelmed by all this offer! Today, a new issue arises: the quality of the product! We have this need to go back to the source, to nature, to the quality in the products we consume, but where can we find them? Some brands have established themselves in this market but others, despite the quality of their products, are struggling to gain recognition.

I support natural ethnic cosmetics Made In France

In this article, reference of natural cosmetic brands made in France, we will

  • Meet women, entrepreneurs committed to providing us with suitable, quality products.
  • Discovering new cosmetic brands offering natural hair products

1.Crenabe the African pharmacopoeia for the beauty of frizzy hair

She is an ambitious entrepreneur that we discover through the brand CRENABE (contraction of Crépue and naturally beautiful) which launches her brand in 2015. Assita DIABY has followed training in cosmetic formulation and regulation with the aim of formulating her products today marketed. We can find in its products shea butter, cocoa butter, baobab oil or even Abyssinian oil. Crenabé treatments are all formulated with plant extracts from Africa (for our greatest happiness) Its brand offers 5 natural products and completely adapted to Afro-Caribbean hair!

The must-have !

Crenabé hair oil is a pre-shampoo treatment formed by 3 oils with many qualities. Black seed oil, this noble oil with multiple virtues is known to strengthen the hair fiber, but also promote hair growth, especially on bald areas (temples and other areas of the scalp). Its qualities are similar to those of castor oil, known to nourish and promote hair growth.Avocado oil, for its part, is an excellent ourishing, protective and nourishing active. To buy or afford for 19 €. Order your treatment now on

2.L’Or de Saba, Afro cosmetics at the service of the social and solidarity economy

Soussaba Sissoko is the founder of the Or de Saba brand, whose name takes us on a journey through the world and through the centuries! A business school graduate, Soussaba has 10 years of experience in marketing, communications and events. Thanks to these different skills, she became a coach of the Miss Mali France committee in order to work on self-esteem with the candidates in. She also participates in various events in order to highlight the dual culture. Much more than the marketing of products, L’Or de Saba shea butter comes from cooperatives that bring together more than 1,500 women in order to set up a social and solidarity economy. These women collect and transform the shea nut into butter in a traditional way. "L'Or de Saba offers products made from 100% natural ingredients. Our products are effective, respectful of Nature and Man. "

The must-have !

Looking for shea butter for the whole family and suitable for all hair types? L’Or de Saba guarantees a nourishing, repairing and protective effect thanks to its fair trade certified shea butter with the Fairtrade Max Havelaar label. To get it or to offer it for 10 €. Order your treatment now on


3.BALANTA COSMETICS, the richness of shea butter for the body and hair

Doctor in process and environmental engineering, Augustina Ephraim is the co-founder of BALANTA COSMETICS, a brand of 100% natural cosmetics for the body and for the hair. After living in England in 2011, Augustina returned to France to continue her engineering studies and faced a problem: maintaining her hair. Day after day, she notices the dryness of her hair. It was 3 long years of testing different products to finally find hydrated hair. It was during a family trip to Ghana that her grandmother advised her to use the ancient beauty secret shea butter of many African women. Satisfied with the result and back in France, she began to develop a non-greasy, water-based cream formula enriched with shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E for a day and night application. Result, her hair regains hydration after a few days of use!

A must !

You are looking for a non-fatty but effective shea butter for more softness and better

hydration? BALANTA COSMETICS shea butter is ideal for frizzy, water-based curly hair enriched with shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E that you can get for € 20. Order your treatment now on


4.Afro Naturel the power of plants in the service of locks

Afro naturel is a brand that offers ranges of products suitable for natural, curly, frizzy, relaxed and locked hair. Designed to keep your hair nourished and hydrated under all circumstances, these products are formulated with natural active ingredients and vegetable oils. For those keen on the "hair growth" challenge, you will be spoiled with CRAZY POUSS and CRAZY LOCKS products designed primarily to stimulate hair growth.

The must-have from CRAZY POUSS !

To discover the range, I selected this 3 in 1 hair milk ideal for frizzy, frizzy and relaxed hair. Rich in natural active ingredients, it promises hydration of the hair in addition to its nourishing effect. Of course, the product is paraben, silicone and mineral oil free for € 9.90


5.Carolina B nature to help frizzy hair for the whole family

The Carolina-B brand was born out of a mom’s desire to give her first daughter the best in cosmetics and hair products. Not finding her happiness in commercial products in terms of quality, Caroline NJINE decides to go "homemade". It was in 2013 that she was offered the opportunity to create her business in what fascinates her: to offer mothers a brand of trust for the care of their children's hair. Carolina-B is one of the pioneers in the development of natural hair products that are respectful of people, the environment and intended for curly to frizzy hair.

The must-have !

If you are looking for daily hydration, here is the hydrating and toning spray! Thanks to its formula combining Shea, Jojoba and Yangu oils. Enriched with Ylang Ylang essential oil, your scalp will be stimulated and toned while restoring shine to your hair! Easy to use, it is no-rinse and leaves a gentle effect on your hair for € 9.95 To be used on relaxed, braided, woven or styled hair in afro.


5.Doobalin the organic cosmetic for frizzy hair

Originally from West Africa, Hafsatou Marième LY wanted, through the creation of her brand, to promote eco-responsible consumption. A civic and committed company, it offers us the prestige of natural products from Africa such as Moringa oil, Baobab oil from Senegal and shea butter from Mali while integrating French know-how. The brand offers a range of products 100% certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT and specific for dry to very dry hair.

The must-have !

for the good health of the hair. Doobaline conditioner softens the hair thanks to 3 oils: Moringa-baobab-coconut extra-virgin, combined with Cupuaçu butter The detangling step is sometimes difficult for some but remains essential Its content in nourishing ingredients and moisturizers provides full length hair repair! Ideal for children and adults with dry, brittle, devitalized hair. This product is suitable for all hair textures for 24 €.


6.Elfy Naturals for frizzy, frizzy or curly hair

Discovered under the name Curlidole and passionate about the desire to share, Sandra launched her first blog in 2010. After 10 years of being involved in her community by sharing, advising and testing branded and quality products, she found that all products were alike while remaining driven by her desire to change the world. Concerned about the desire to allow women to take care of their hair while having a minimalist and quality routine, she created the company Elfy Naturals. These are passionate women who make up the Elfy Naturals team to deliver the best quality products for frizzy, frizzy or curly hair.

The must-have !

For those who are looking for a 100% natural nourishing product, protecting the hair while preventing split ends, I suggest the Nourish & Protect Protective Balm! This balm has the property of maintaining the hydration of the hair thanks to its formula rich in vegetable oil and precious shea butter. Whether you have dry, weakened, frizzy, frizzy or curly hair, this balm will satisfy your hair for € 14.95


7.Kalia-Nature care for frizzy hair of Afro-Caribbean and mixed-race women

Through the Kalia Nature brand, I discovered a woman Sandrine Sophie, heir to the knowledge of her grandmother who, at the birth of her newborn baby, gave her advice and bequeathed the secret of plants. Like many mothers, she noticed the lack of products to care for and repair the wavy, frizzy hair of Afro-Caribbean, mixed-race or Mediterranean women and embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure. By carefully keeping the advice of her grandmother, she offers a range of products rich in natural substances such as hibiscus and honey to promote hydration and the strengthening or growth of the hair! "The best of nature in the service of our hair" is possible thanks to the minimalist care range for all types of hair that it offers, emphasizing quality over quantity!

The must-have !

I was seduced by the Bar Shampoo "Bay St Thomas & Lavender for its eco-responsible side while being enriched with fortifying essential oils for dry and damaged hair. This little heart also treats scalp problems and allows up to with 20 shampoos; How not to be seduced ?! This is the revisited version of their PROTECT MY HAIR shampoo in a solid and zero waste version that you can get for € 9.90!


8.Kreol Haire haircare made in Guadeloupe

Originally from Guadeloupe, women of character who love challenges, it was only natural that 3 women decided to honor frizzy hair by creating Kreol'Hair. Arrived in France, they faced a cruel lack of products for their hair and seized the opportunity to highlight the products of their island: soursop, maracuja, rosemary, currant! They make us travel through their brand and each year they travel between France and Guadeloupe to maintain proximity with their customers! How to have the right products but not the right actions? Through this trip, they pass on their knowledge in the maintenance of frizzy, frizzy and curly hair

The must-have !

For easy styling whatever the texture of your hair, here is the Detangling Milk rich in provitamin B5! Its rice protein content will allow your hair to be fortified while keeping hydration. Treat your hair for € 12.90


9.Kydjanie healthy chunky hair for natural beauty

Madame Sala NJOYA, originally from Cameroon, is a fan of plant and natural cosmetics. Curious about nature's secrets, she is convinced that everyone can be satisfied naturally and therefore in a healthy way! Kydjanie is the story of a passionate woman eager to share her beauty secrets. It was in 2012 that she devoted herself entirely to this cause and joined forces with Elyse Igalas with whom she co-wrote the practical guide published in 2013 "Healthy frizzy hair for natural beauty". Because a desire to undertake is not extinguished, she will realize her project in 2016 by creating her cosmetics brand to offer the best. True to nature, Kydjanie means "green" in Swahili (a language spoken in West Africa) and offers 99% natural products, certified organic by Ecocert.

The must-have !

If you are looking for a growth booster serum oil, Active Growth Serum Oil will be ideal. Thanks to its powerful concentrate of active ingredients, it purifies the scalp and strengthens the hair while giving it shine! It also contains amla, squash and maca. Treat yourself to this elixir of hair youth for 22 €

10.Natural Kaz, the best craftsmanship for afro hair

Originally from the Congo, Joséphine's entrepreneurial adventure began in a haphazard way. Mom of twins, the twins developed an allergic reaction to the products she used to use. It was only natural that she turned to shea butter, avocado butter and red palm oil, products of her childhood. Eager to learn more, she manages to formulate her own products that benefit her twins. She decides to professionalize herself by following training in the manufacture of artisanal cosmetics in the Drôme. A family business, Joséphine and her sister make artisanal products made from shea, coconut oil, avocado, baobab, aloe vera, kaolin powder, or even essential oils are organic or from fair trade.

The must-have !

For dry and damaged hair, the macadamia and kaolin protein hair mask, will allow hydration without leaving a greasy film This deep treatment is composed of hair conditioners and a concentrate of active proteins to be used 1 to 3 times per month according to needs for € 16.90 "Here, everything is handy to consume differently"


11.Les Secrets de Loly, excellence for frizzy, frizzy and curly hair

Kelly Massol, passionate about natural hair, got involved very early in the field of frizzy hair by creating in 2005 the forum "Buckles and Cottons" on which she shares with more than 15,000 women the products they use on a daily basis and their products. compositions. The idea of ​​creating your own products was born and we discovered it thanks to her shea whipped cream! Originally from the West Indies, she was passed on her passion for hair and the discovery of shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or the traditional West Indian recipe for infusion of hibiscus by her grandmother who l raised until she was 12! 2009, the Les Secrets de Loly brand is born! "One of the essential rules to follow at home was not to relax before she was 18, so that she was fully aware of what you were doing. Without realizing it, she passed on my destiny to me! She said of her grandmother.

The must-have !

Primer at the NHA 2018 (Natural Hair Academy), Kurl Nectar is a moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and detangling leave conditioner. Suitable for all hair types, it is a protective base for bare hair containing 99.2% of ingredients of natural origin. This leave conditioner contains 10 hair active ingredients including Cupuaçu butter, Green tea, Castor oil. It finalizes disentangling and optimizes definition.
Use alone or in preparation for styling.


12.Lotämi, the curly hair specialist

Lætitia Pronzola is the creator of the Lotaëmi brand with her training as a doctor of pharmacy. Starting from the simple but alarming observation on the contents of sometimes dangerous products for consumers of cosmetics from supermarkets, she wanted to use her knowledge to create her own business. Formerly an employee, she was an Operational Quality Assurance delegate at GlaxoSmithKline, the GSK production laboratory. Its mission was to guarantee the quality of the flows resulting from production. Then she got involved in R&D projects to ensure their compliance with regulations. As much to say to you that its skills have been great assets for the design of its healthy, natural, certified or approved organic cosmetics intended for curly, frizzy or afro hair. "Our goal is to share what we know best, herbs that work for dry skin and curly, curly or very frizzy hair. "

A must !

If you are looking for a balm with a rock content in an approved organic ingredient, here is Le Baume Essentiel.It contains untreated beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E from sunflower. Thanks to the absence of water in their products, they are ultra-concentrated in nutrients and active from plants and vegetable oils for € 25.


13.Mangobutterfull, the virtues of mango for dry afro hair

Like many nappy, Anita returned to her naturalness in 2010 when she decided to stop using straighteners, which is when she made her first mango butters in Guadeloupe. Resident in metropolitan France, she had to import her products for her personal use and it was natural that she decided to make her own natural vegetable fats. Passionate about what she does and surrounded by local artisans, she develops her range of artisan cosmetics; birth of Mango ButterFull, a Guadeloupe company. The company offers a range, specializing in skin care and sealing moisture for dry hair. The products are formulated without petrochemical ingredients, so 100% natural from mango seeds and macerated avocados!

A must !

Nicknamed the miracle tree, the moringa is endowed with an exceptional wealth of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Travel through MORINGA artisanal mango butter From traditional African herbal medicine This butter helps restore the natural balance of hair bulbs and stimulate growth, fight against dryness of the hair, or even protects the hair from external aggressions (sun, cold , pollution, etc.) for 17 € 50!


14.My beauty ritual, natural products for dry, frizzy, frizzy and relaxed hair

Koutandy CAMARA is an entrepreneur with a burning desire to take care of her hair in the best possible way. Disappointed by the products offered on the market due to the questionable composition, the desire to create My beauty ritual was born! My Beauty Ritual is a company of natural hair cosmetics for dry, frizzy, frizzy, curly, and relaxed hair. The brand favors natural ingredients and from organic farming, in order to offer the best for our hair Provide ease in the maintenance and growth of women in order to obtain beautiful and healthy hair. is the brand's promise.

A must !

The oil bath! An essential step to bring strength to dry and brittle hair. The bath of oils with plants, vegetable oils, essential and organic plants is designed to cleanse and strengthen the scalp, stimulate blood circulation. It promotes hair growth, fights against hair loss and dandruff. Based on mustard oil and organic plant-infused castor oil, the ingredients are 100% natural and organic for frizzy, frizzy and curly and relaxed hair.


15.Nappy Queen, the complete routine for curly to frizzy hair

Bilguissa Diallo, the creator of the Nappy Queen brand decided to create it when she stopped straightening her hair. The obligatory passage of the search for products adapted to her hair, she finds herself facing a cruel lack in the face of this need. She also realizes that French women with frizzy or curly hair were spending fortunes on importing American brands to maintain their hair naturally ... It was then that she thought of developing a range of products, easy to use, complementary, can be used at home or in a hairdressing salon and allowing complete hair maintenance from curly to frizzy hair! Objective achieved, the Nappy Queen range includes offering accessible, healthy and quality natural cosmetic products to as many people as possible and 5 products that allow complete, simple and efficient maintenance of curly to frizzy hair.

A must !

A concentrate of active ingredients that are both nourishing and protective, the Nappy Queen magic vapor serum strengthens the hair fiber, restores strength and stimulates hair growth thanks to the action of jojoba oil. Its 100% formulation of natural ingredients such as grape seed, camellia and macadamia oils, including 67.5% organic ingredients, is ideal for frizzy, locked, curly, curly and relaxed hair. Small peculiarity, the large container has been chosen to allow those who wish to add mineral water and use the spray serum, for a light effect and better distributed on the hair. Result: 150 ml of vapo instead of 75 ml of pure oil for € 14!


 16.Niousha Bantou, specialist in frizzy, mixed, locked, curly and frizzy hair

Hanna MALONGA is a hairdresser specializing in locks and natural hair and body care. She started what she defines as an "exciting adventure" by noting that hair cosmetics on the French market were not suitable for her "afro-mixed" hair. The results were quick to come: hair that was still dry, dull, loosely defined curls, and brittle, split ends. In search of natural care for her hair, she decided to study aromatherapy, herbalism, saponification, dermatology, certain so-called alternative medicines. "Our hair is an ornament and the outward sign of good health." It is thanks to this know-how that she created Niousha Bantoo and prepares her products in an artisanal way to guarantee quality and efficiency. Hair products are suitable for frizzy, mixed, locksé, curly, frizzy hair.

A must !

Handmade Natural Vegetable Jelly with hibiscus is used to turn locks, style hairstyles, redraw curls on wet hair. It can be used as a hair care mask mixed with a vegetable oil of your choice thanks to its composition of water, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, hibiscus flower, medicinal plants. Would you like a 2 in 1 product for € 15?


17.Natural Lovely Care, les soins capillaires ethniques made in France  

NATURAL LOVELY CARE is a range of Made in France products respecting the specificities of all hair types in order to boost them naturally.

A must !

Eucalyptus Oil Dreadlock Moisturizing Lotion is a natural, cleansing and powerful moisturizing lotion. Spray based on aloe vera and Eucalyptus oil to nourish dreadlocks deeply and durably. The sulfate-free and paraben-free spray is offered at € 9.90


18.Noir Ô Naturel, the ECOCERT brand for Afro-descendant women

Originally from Guadeloupe Fétia Van Hecke is the creator of the Noir O Naturel brand launched in February 2011 two years after the birth of the blog of the same name. After looking for cosmetics in France that meet the specificities of afro, frizzy hair and nature, it was not long in coming to see it: there is a lack! The aim of her brand is to offer a range of certified ethnic bio-cosmetics for black, mixed-race or Mediterranean women by highlighting ingredients from Afro-Caribbean biodiversity. Wishing to offer cosmetics that correspond to the values ​​that it carries, it therefore sets up an organic and made in France label "When we live in Africa or the West Indies, everything that surrounds us in terms of plants, trees , fruits, etc., contains active ingredients that will perfectly suit the hydration of the skin and the care of frizzy hair. ”Noire Ô naturel®, is a concept of eco-citizen beauty which celebrates a natural beauty whose brand is certified and labeled by ECOCERT.

A must !

If you are a fan of Indian powders, here is the ô natural Black Premier Mousse Shampoo, their best-seller! It is composed of Indian powders (maca, tulsi) which will help to purify and cleanse the scalp. The presence of hibiscus, rosemary and arginine will strengthen the hair and restore shine. Toning but without any surfactants, its generous and creamy foam comes from a synergy of Babassu oil and beetroot. You can get this shampoo for € 13.50

19.Ol Afro, meets the needs of very dry hair and very tight curls

An engineer in telecommunications and networks, Diane is the creator of Ol'Afro, one of her passions and secondary activity. Wearing her frizzy hair, her mother had to opt for straightening as she suffered so much when it came to maintaining this hair. For Diane, frizzy hair was indomitable and keeping it that way was unimaginable! Over time, getting tired of straightening and facing these negative consequences, the desire to find more suitable products arose. From this desire was born OL’AFRO which comes from the combination of two words: OLA of Yoruba origin (Benin and Nigeria), which means wealth, honor, prestige and AFRO. Created in 2016, the brand meets the need for very dry hair and very tight curls with a range to gently care for hair, with riches from Africa such as shea butter, avocado oil, aloe Vera, honey, hibiscus extracts.

A must !

Who has never dreamed of having their own personalized product while being effective? This leave-in conditioner, composed of odorless, no-rinse water and oils, can be enhanced with the essential oil of your choice! On curly hair, the most frizzy hair, it gives them definition and shine for € 17.90


20.Salisha Boutique, vegetable oils serving the beauty of Afro-descendant women

Originally from Senegal, Boubou, creator of Salisha Boutique grew up in a dual Franco-Senegalese culture. It was during her many trips to Senegal, more specifically Casamance and Tambacounda, that she discovered products that are the pride of our continent, vegetable oils of Baobab, Hibiscus and Moringa. Mother of two little girls, she wishes to pass on her African heritage to them by sharing the values, riches and natural products of Africa. The name of her brand Salisha Boutique is inspired by the first names of her two daughters Salima and Aisha. The creation of this brand was obvious to Adama, eager to offer the best products to her daughters, those around her and to women with a range of 100% natural products!

A must !

Want longer, hydrated hair? "Miracle tree", this 100% pure Moringa vegetable oil rich in Vitamins A, B and C, it promotes faster growth, strengthens, repairs and moisturizes your damaged hair. Pamper your cotton cloud for € 7 49

huile de moringa Salishaboutique


21.Simaya, grandmother's recipes to enhance frizzy and frizzy hair

SIMAYA is a family heritage. This is the name worn by the grandmother and given to the brand by the designer, it means longevity. It was as she stepped back into her youth that the designer recalled times when taking care of her hair was difficult ... brittle hair, despair at the difficulty of treating it properly. And then she also remembered the care her grandmother gave her when she visited her, "she had such beautiful hair herself," she said. Beautiful hair that is doing well, that's all she wishes for us through SIMAYA!

A must !

Hydrating mask treatment, what better way to hydrate your beautiful hair than a hydrating conditioner mask? Based on avocado, olive and neutral care base, it provides deep hydration and repairs dry and damaged hair. For soft, supple and shiny hair, indulge yourself for € 12.


 22.UR, ethical cosmetics at the service of Afro-descendant women

The SJR Paris brand is carried by two women, Sandrine and Brunella (mother and daughter) committed and serving the beauty of all women.The two of them have created a brand that resembles them because they are sensitive to respect for nature. in the choice of products they consume, they are committed to offering quality products. With her experience in cosmetics, Sandrine passes on her cosmetic expertise, her beauty secrets to feel good in her life. Brunella is a young woman at heart and curious, she wants to live ethically. Made in France is its credo, in a desire for responsible consumption.

A must !

We tend to complain about the breakage of our hair despite repeated care. What if the culprit was limestone? Boosted and healthy hair, that's the promise of coconut vinegar, the flagship ingredient in our anti-limescale rinse with water and coconut vinegar. Its moisturizing properties help strengthen the roots for better hair growth. Suitable for all types of dry and damaged hair, the use of the rinse makes hair stronger, shinier and more toned! Made up of 96% natural ingredients, it contains no endocrine disruptors, silicones, parabens and is offered at € 12.


24.Waam (We are all metiss), simple, healthy and natural care for all hair types

Dieynaba Ndoye, born in Dakar, Dieynaba Ndoye Bakiri lived in Kuwait, Iraq and England where her father was an embassy official. A peerless and ambitious entrepreneur, she is known for having been the co-founder of Colorii) the first brand for black and mixed-race beauty, now acquired. Her idea was born out of frustration and a feeling of discrimination since it was essential to go to Château rouge to do your shopping Always driven by the desire to offer her customers the beauty recipes of her childhood and those gleaned, during my life as a woman around the world, she created WAAM_ We are all metiss. Through her brand, she offers simple, healthy and natural treatments for all hair types.

A must !

Fortifying, Stimulating, Toning, the elixir "Pushing" created in collaboration with the green blogger Peau Neuve is ideal for stimulating hair growth. With its concentrate of vegetable oils and natural essential oils, it helps strengthen fragile and brittle hair, giving it strength and vitality. Composed of Avocado Oil, Nigella oil, Mustard oil, Castor oil and Atlas Cedar essential oil, the elixir also prevents hair loss. You can get it or give it away for € 18.


25.Ydna haire care, the benefits of vegetable oils and beeswax for afro hair

Marylène and Marie-Michèle Liénafa, two Guyanese sisters and creators of the YDNA brand, decide to develop a hair range favoring an effective composition for all types of dry hair, rich in natural ingredients while remaining at a price accessible to all! beginnings are made in the family kitchen with beeswax and the tests of their realization on the members of the family. It is crescendo that the project comes to life as they finalize their creation in a laboratory taking into account the imperatives of the European cosmetic regulations in force. YDNA is a brand that promotes ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, The product range helps to cleanse and balance the scalp, promote growth and provide hydration.

A must !

The CARESSE-MOI cleansing treatment, cowash contains 96.34% of ingredients of natural origin. including coconut oil and olive oil in addition to natural extracts of celery and beet! All these ingredients contribute to the balance of the scalp and promote growth No need to worry about dry hair, the treatment gently cleanses while preserving hydration thanks to its content of essential oils. You can get it for 21 €

The maintenance of frizzy hair is no longer a secret thanks to the quality, easy-to-use and above all natural products offered by all these brands. Through pioneers such as Noir O Naturel or Les Secret de Loly, the new, less visible brands are slowing down their path to offer more.

Showcasing these niche brands and supporting natural ethnic cosmetics Made In France is the mission that Jolhairskin has set for itself through the creation of its market place! Support us in promoting these brands such as Or de Saba or T&M Naturals by subscribing to the newsletter so as not to miss any news and discover new Made In France brands.