How to take care of your fine, frizzy, natural curly hair?

How to take care of your fine, frizzy, natural curly hair?

Frizzy hair does not always have the distinction of being thick, dense or voluminous. Among its textures, fine frizzy hair requires specific maintenance to prevent and limit breakage. In this article, I offer you a selection of tips and natural products to take care of your hair while contributing to respect for the environment and the development of the African economy.

History of frizzy hair

The frizzy hair represents a large part of African history. Beyond a simple texture, the different hairstyles (possible only with frizzy hair) represented the identity of a people and a community. What are the particularities of frizzy hair? How to take care of it on a daily basis? The keratin distribution is uneven, with a lot of keratin on the inside of the curls, and less on the outside, so it is crimped. The diameter varies greatly along the length of the hair shaft. Thus, in some places, the hair is very fine and therefore more fragile than straight hair.

The shape of the hair

Although it is very reductive, we can generally associate a type of hair with an ethnic group. For example Asian, Caucasian and African hair. Indeed, the distribution of keratin on the hair has an impact on the shape that the latter takes.

Characteristics of fine frizzy hair

How to recognize a fine frizzy hair? To observe the thickness of a hair, experiment and see if it is transparent under the light. In addition, knowing that there is less material (thickness), the water penetrates more easily but evaporates just as quickly.

Density or thickness?

We sometimes confuse the thickness of a hair with its density. Indeed, it is possible to have thick hair while having a low density (number of hairs per cm²). Likewise, you can have fine frizzy hair accompanied by very high density. This type of hair is easily weighed down by creams and butters. So that is the whole challenge; that of knowing your hair type to better maintain it.

Eco-responsible cosmetic products for frizzy hair

Beyond offering you a selection of quality hair products, the Balanta Cosmetics brand actively participates in the development of the Senegalese economy. Hundreds of men and women are employed to bring you the best products by harvesting the raw materials in rural Balantacounda. Discover the complete KEEP CALM range.

5 Products to maintain fine, curly and frizzy frizzy hair.

In order to take care of your hair, here is a list of natural products specially dedicated to fine frizzy hair:

Solid shampoo:

Balanta KEEP CALM solid shampoo combines Touloucouna oil, Colloidal Oats and Hibiscus Flower to soothe, repair and tone the scalp. The hair is ultra-soft, voluminous and shiny. It is a real recipe for scalps prone to discomfort as well as fine and brittle hair.

Hair conditioner :

To facilitate styling and deeply nourish, hydrate and fortify hair, Balanta KEEP CALM conditioner combines Shea Butter, Colloidal Oats and Hibiscus Flower. The hair is softer, stronger and shinier. They are easier to comb and smell great.

Instant 3-IN-1 No-Rinse Detangler:

To instantly detangle your hair and hydrate your scalp, Balanta KEEP CALM combines Hibiscus Flower Extract, Aloe Vera Gel and Marshmallow Root Extract. The hair is quickly disentangled, the scalp gains in health, thus promoting growth.


Ultra-Moisturizing Cream:

A very effective recipe to nourish and seal in the hydration of frizzy or curly hair. Balanta KEEP CALM ultra-hydrating cream combines Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Vitamin E to make hair ultra-soft, nourished, protected and less brittle.


Herbal oil bath:

A real elixir to fight dandruff and itching, deeply nourish hair fibers and activate hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. Balanta KEEP CALM Oil Bath combines 7 vegetable oils, 5 essential oils, Moringa leaves and hibiscus flowers.

Balanta story

Balanta Cosmetics is the story of a woman invested in Africa, the environment and sustainable development. Doctor in process and environmental engineering and graduate in formulation of natural cosmetics Augustina Ephraim had a disastrous hair experience; she suffered from dry hair and severe breakage of her frizzy hair. To cope with this situation, she tested many products, without success. This is how she decided to design her hair products. During the first year, the company located in Senegal generated income for:

  • 100 local farmers
  • 150 women from 10 cooperatives
  • 4 young employees from the region.

Discover his inspiring journey in this article

How to maintain fine frizzy hair?

Balanta Cosmetics has an increased knowledge of products that are good for your fine frizzy hair. Here are some recommendations:

For better maintenance, choose products rich in protein (silk, soy and oats) because frizzy hair is made up of 97% keratin, a protein of natural origin. In addition, these proteins will create a film around the hair fiber, which will give it more support, tone and volume. However, not all of your products need to contain protein. It is therefore important to alternate to avoid an "overload" of protein on your hair.

Preferred :

  • sprays or milks to creams

To avoid : 

  • Butters, castor oil, or silicone-based hair products, which can make them heavier.

Also, stay away from the no-poo method (using only conditioner to wash your hair).

This method does not effectively remove product deposits. The risk is to accumulate deposits and weigh down fine frizzy hair.

Start a hair routine

You now know the actions and tips to better maintain your fine frizzy hair. If you want to offer your hair natural and adapted care, discover and test the new complete range of Balanta Cosmetics.