10 vegetable oils to fight against breakage and fall of frizzy and frizzy hair

10 vegetable oils to fight against breakage and fall of frizzy and frizzy hair

Whether we are afro puff followers or protective hairstyles, our hair is exposed to external aggressions which we would do well without: pollution, unsuitable climate and so on!

Consequences: dry, brittle hair; the total.

Have you ever found a handful of hair in the bathtub after shampooing or found your hair dry and brittle despite a carefully prepared hydration routine? No more panic ladies, I will list you the top 10 vegetable oils to fight against the breakage and the fall of our beautiful curly and frizzy hair!

By the way, what is vegetable oil?

Very often, we find it difficult to distinguish the properties of the products we use as there are so many. Vegetable oil is nothing other than a fat obtained from the seeds of oleaginous fruits (plants cultivated specifically for their seeds or fruits rich in fat). In this family of dried fruits, we find nuts (cashew, pecan, macadamia), pistachios or even mandes. Apart from the fact that we can consume them as an aperitif (we combine the useful with the pleasant) let's take a closer look at those that can repair the breakage and loss of our hair.

Once upon a time...

My youngest daughter with scalp eczema. Imagine our numerous consultations with dermatologists ... It's no surprise that they prescribed us cortisone. Luckily, a client advised me about coconut oil and how can I tell you that it worked really well! Since then, I have alternated coconut and shea oil.

The essentials against breakage

Brittle, dull and dry hair, our hair routines sometimes lack a single "miracle" product What if it was vegetable oil?

● Castor oil, black cumin and avocado

Crenabé hair oil is a pre-shampoo treatment formed by 3 oils with many qualities. Black seed oil, this noble oil with multiple virtues is known to strengthen the hair fiber, but also promote hair growth, especially on bald areas (temples and other areas of the scalp). Its qualities are similar to those of castor oil, known to nourish and promote hair growth. Avocado oil, for its part, is an excellent nourishing, protective and nourishing active.
A simple formula with a beautiful alchemy of natural ingredients. Capacity: 250ml. Available on www.jolhairskin.fr, order quickly !!!


● Plum oil

It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It is softening, softening and anti-oxidant. It nourishes the skin and protects it. It may be suitable for all skin types and particularly for dry to very dry, sensitive, reactive or mature skin. Available on www.jolhairskin.fr, order quickly !!!

● Calendula macerate

Calendula Macerate is ideal for relieving itching, dry skin, atopic skin ... Can also be used on the scalp as well as on the face and body for black, dark and mixed skin.

This oil is obtained by macerating fresh calendula flowers (marigold) in organic sunflower oil and preserved with vitamin E. It is softening, softening, antioxidant and calming. Can be used in case of skin irritation (sunburn, itching). Suitable for all skin types and particularly for dry to very dry, irritated, or reactive skin. Available on www.jolhairskin.fr, order quickly !!!

● Jojoba oil

Jojoba's nickname "Gold of the Incas" is a shrub native to Central America. Its oil is produced from the oil seeds of this plant. His particuliarity ? Its composition similar to that of sebum produced by the human body. We take advantage of its sebum-regulating action on the scalp (regulates sebum production). A powerful fighter against dry hair to which it restores vitality, suppleness and shine. To test ladies!

● Avocado oil

Avocado oil is ideal for repairing brittle hair thanks to its vitamin B content which strengthens the hair. It softens and restores shine! Do not deprive yourself of it, it penetrates easily and leaves a pleasant smell.

Olive oil

In addition to being present in our dishes, it is unanimous in cosmetics since it can be used on all types of hair. Its linolenic acid content, an omega 6 essential for the health of the skin and hair, guarantees its undisputed effectiveness. It restores shine and vigor to dry and dull hair.
Opt for the scalp massage, it calms irritation)

● Coconut oil

The golden palm for oils goes to coconut! It has become essential in cosmetics thanks to its nourishing and repairing properties. Lauric acid present in coconut oil, favorable characteristic for the proteins of the hair, nourishes it deeply. In conclusion, it's a 10/10 for dry and frizzy hair.                                            

● Shea olein oil

Found only in Africa, shea is a tree that produces an edible fruit composed of pulp and a nut better known in the form of butter, shea has been proven in cosmetics. Derived from butter, its oil still retains its properties. On the practical side, the fluidity of the oil facilitates its use and absorption. It protects, hydrates and gives radiance. Shea remains our favorite in all its forms!

The essentials against falling

Remember the hair grip after shampooing episode? Forget it thanks to the selection of these oils that promote growth! Available on www.jolhairskin.fr, order quickly !!!

● Castor oil

We have all heard the virtues of this oil obtained from castor seeds, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E: it promotes hair growth on eyelashes and nails. Indispensable for brittle hair, its vitamin E content softens and brings shine. It has the characteristic of penetrating deeply into the scalp and promotes the repair of damaged hair. Available on www.jolhairskin.fr, order quickly !!!

● Baobab oil

Nicknamed "the tree of life", the baobab has long been used in the African pharmacopoeia. This tree provides us with seeds from which the oil is extracted and is known in particular for its nourishing and regenerating properties. Thanks to its antioxidant effect, baobab oil promotes growth, fights hair loss and dehydration! No more worries ladies, you have the solution to regaining soft, shiny and hydrated hair.

● Sapote oil

A short tour of the Caribbean or even Central America to discover the Pouteria Sapota tree.
The oil comes from the fruit of this plant, traditionally used in hair care for frizzy and frizzy hair. Rich in vitamin A and C, (moisturizing action and fight against free radicals), its
use stimulates hair growth (therefore slows down its fall) nourishes and detangles frizzy hair and offers a soothing effect on scalp. Little tip; it is better to warm it up a little before using it                                                                    

● Argan oil

A benchmark in cosmetics, argan oil is made from the fruits of the argan tree (tree in southwestern Morocco). Its content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids (remember ladies?), It attenuates hair loss, deeply nourishes, protects against external aggressions and makes the hair strong and silky. We should all have argan oil at home!

● Safflower oil

Let's continue to travel, but this time in the East. Safflower is a plant native to Iran, India or even Egypt. This flowering plant whose oil is rich in omega 6 (linoleic acid which limits water loss in the hair) and vitamin E (which protects the scalp from drying out) offers a fortifying action and slows down hair loss . Goodbye the fall and hello the shoot! How to find it? And yes, convoluted terms (excuse me!) Are plentiful in cosmetics. Here is what, for me, remains essential to know in the choice of your oils in order to know their usefulness in a simple and fast way. EFAs (essential fatty acids) present in oils help build new cells in the hair growth area. If there is AGE deficiency, the scalp becomes too dry and the hair brittle. Note that this deficiency mainly concerns Afro scalps.                                                             

- Group B vitamins are essential for the renewal of hair, nail and skin cells.

- Vitamin E is an antioxidant: to sum up, our cells age rapidly due to external factors (pollution, tobacco, stress, etc.) and the role of the antioxidant is to prevent premature aging of these cells.

- Vitamin E protects the skin and scalp from drying out, by enhancing the action of essential fatty acids. Ethnic natural products: Towards a complete routine You now have a wide choice of vegetable oils from Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere to fight against breakage and loss of your hair. No more excuses for not having long, silky and healthy hair! For a more complete routine, register by email on the new platform “www.jolhairskin.fr” to receive a preview of ethnic products made in France 100% natural!